What we offer

Explore Training provide training expertise in 3 core areas:

  • Design and delivery of engaging and interactive people development programmes
  • Energised facilitation of team away days, events, project meetings, client / supplier engagement sessions
  • Focused 1:1 coaching support for managers, key staff and talent development candidates

Course outlines

Here are a sample of training courses we offer. We tailor our courses based on the requirements of our clients however you’ll find a sample of course outlines here.

Course outlines

Business development is a broad term applied to the process of strengthening ties with existing clients as well as cultivating customers in other sectors of the consumer market. In order to accomplish this goal, business development normally crosses the traditional barriers between sales, marketing, customer care, operations and management in order to promote this process of expansion on more than one level. Our business development workshops understand that in order to be successful, you must demonstrate a degree of competence in many different areas in order to identify and capitalise on growth opportunities. Our Business Development training is broken down into the following key areas:

Influencing and negotiation

Audience: This course will be of benefit to anyone who wishes to focus on to improving skills in those situations where they need to be more influential and / or negotiate effectively with integrity.

High level aims are to:
  • Plan an effective negotiation strategy
  • Understand the needs and interests of all parties
  • Be able to cope with difficult negotiations and conversations
  • Conclude better agreements
Duration : 1 Day

Bringing Business Development to life

Audience : This programme will benefit those who have to generate additional opportunities to develop their businesses through a proactive approach. We focus on the whole journey by considering what’s involved leading up to your business development activity, the most effective skills during the prospecting stage together with an appropriate follow up strategy.
High level aims are to:
  • Understand the journey of business development
  • Consider the importance of a contact strategy
  • Develop an ability to hold focused conversations
  • Improve confidence in networking ability
Duration : 1 Day
Quite simply, change is the process of becoming different
What is Change Management? Change management takes into consideration both the processes and tools that leaders use to drive changes at an operational and strategic level. Most organisations want change implemented with the least resistance and with the most buy-in as possible. For this to occur, change must be applied with a structured approach so that transition from one type of behaviour to another will be smooth.
Simply put, interpersonal skills are the skills we use to interact or deal with others. Interpersonal skills are sometimes also referred to as communication skills. Interpersonal skills involve using skills such as active listening and tone of voice, they include delegation and leadership. It is how well you communicate with someone and how well you behave or carry yourself. How we deal with others can greatly influence our professional and personal lives. Improving these skills builds confidence and enhances our relationships with others.

Having difficult conversations

Audience : We all get involved in difficult conversations and it can be tough to handle them well. This workshop will help everyone. We will focus on situations that you experience and develop some basic principles to help you to achieve positive outcomes. We will also explore some specific techniques so you can leave the workshop with greater understanding, skills and confidence

High level aims are to:
  • Focus on difficult situations that you experience
  • Develop some basic principles to help you to achieve positive outcomes
  • Explore specific techniques
Duration: 1 Day

Assertiveness - key skills

Audience : This programme is about the application of best practices, principles and concepts in being assertive

High level aims are to:
  • Describe the key skills in being assertive.
  • Identify and consider dealing with barriers to being assertive.
  • Practice a number of strategies.
  • Discuss the benefits to the organisation and you in proactively managing your behaviour.
  • Practice through simulation and feedback via a real life case study.
Duration : 1 Day

Generating positive team meetings

Audience : This course will be of benefit to leaders who wish to consistently hold effective, successful team meetings which really engage and motivate team members

High level aims are to:
  • Identify the outcomes of successful meetings
  • Consider our own effectiveness
  • Discuss the benefits to the organisation and you in planning meetings which stimulate participants and gain their commitment
  • Practice through simulation and feedback
Duration : 1 Day

Successful delegation

Audience : This programme will help delegates improve their skills in what is considered a high impact, yet difficult, managerial skill. Successful delegation helps staff learn, develop and grow and improves overall team efficiency and resource

High level aims are to:
  • Discuss when and how to delegate
  • Consider the barriers to delegation
  • How to gauge suitability for delegation
  • Balancing supervision, support and micro-manage
  • Clarity in expectation and providing motivation
  • Recognise team and organisational benefits
Duration : 1 Day

Working in teams

Audience : This is an interactive programme considering the best practice, principles and concepts in effective teamwork

High level aims are to:
  • Discuss the benefits of teamwork
  • Consider the key skills as a team player
  • Identify team roles and the importance of collaboration
  • Discuss the barriers to effective teamwork and discuss how to identify and manage conflict
  • Debate the methods of communication within a successful team
  • Explore the need to exchange team resources
Duration : 1 Day

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience describes the relationship a customer has with a business. It refers to the total of all experiences the customer has, based on all interactions and thoughts about the business and the lasting impression it leaves.

Why is it important?

Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to become repeat customers and loyal customers of the business. Taking the customer's perspective is critical to not only being able to walk in their shoes but to being able to meet and exceed their expectations. “Every time you touch a customer, you either enhance or diminish the brand. . . “

Customer experience - what's it all about?

Audience : This workshop will be of benefit to people at all levels and has been designed to engage and inspire us all to consider the experience we create for our customers

High level aims are to:
  • Explain how to generate a ‘memorable’ experience for any interactions
  • Demonstrate a change in behaviour which aligns to the desired service culture
  • Contribute ideas towards a programme of activity which will enhance the customer experience we deliver
  • Understand the impact we have personally and as a business every time we interact with others
Duration : 1 Day

Achieving excellent service

Audience : This workshop will be of benefit to anyone who wishes to deliver consistent service excellence at every customer ‘contact’

High level aims are to:
  • Understand who our customers are, both internal and external, and appreciate the importance of stakeholders influences in the work that we do
  • Identify what excellent customer experience looks like
  • Determine our role in achieving a differentiated, branded customer experience
  • Successfully handle customer complaints / objections
  • Maintain a positive, customer-focused attitude, even in challenging situations
Duration : 1 Day

Moving beyond Fred

Audience : This course will be of benefit to any team or group within a business who are looking to enhance their service delivery

High level aims are to:
  • Consider areas which are quick wins
  • Develop an action plan to improve performance
  • Design a strategy to create momentum and confidence
  • Develop a consistent service culture and customer concerns process
Duration : 1 Day

Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Definitions more inclusive of followers have also emerged. Alan Keith of Genentech states that, "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen." Our Leadership & Management workshops explore what leaders can do to create that way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

Being an inspiring leader

Audience : This workshop is designed to equip leaders with an understanding of the qualities required to be an inspiring leader in a complex, ever-changing world and provide opportunities to self-assess against these requirements

High level aims are to:
  • Clarify the role and behavioural expectations of a leader
  • Identify preferred leadership styles, recognising the impact this has on others
  • Develop tools and techniques for analysing and understanding your working environment so that you are better equipped to lead with credibility
  • Enhance your communication skills and understanding of professional relationships
Duration : 1 Day

Being a great team leader

Audience : This programme focuses on the core skills and attributes of a successful team leader. We focus on practical tools and techniques for the team leader in managing and developing themselves and their team to achieve successful outcomes

High level aims are to :
  • Understand the key skills of team leadership
  • Consider the impact of team dynamics
  • Plan different approaches to improve performance, develop observation and feedback skills together with managing performance and appraisa
  • Enhancing ability to delegate effectively
Duration : 1 Day

Motivation and engagement

Audience : This course will be of benefit to anyone responsible for the management of other people

High level aims are to:
  • Discuss and consider key motivational tools
  • Debate a range of motivational theories
  • Establish common principles appropriate to the business environment
  • Make links between motivational practice and the reality in your workplace
  • Make personal commitments
Duration : 1 Day

Teamwork through leadership

Audience : Anyone who is responsible for a team and its performance achievement will find this course beneficial

High level aims are to:
  • Describe the key skills in being a great leader
  • Identify and consider motivation, teamwork and achieving the task
  • Discuss and specify leadership styles
  • Consider cross-functional working patterns
  • Plan changes to become a great leader
  • Plan and commit to actions to change behaviour
Duration : 1 Day

Coaching skills for managers

Audience : This workshop is designed for all managers who need to coach their staff

High level aims are to:
  • Identify opportunities where coaching is appropriate.
  • Consider the key skills in effective coaching.
  • Discuss the benefits to the organisation, the Manager and the individual.
  • Develop staff who bring solutions not problems.
  • Practice through simulation and feedback.
Duration : 1 Day

Performance management

Audience : This workshop is aimed at anyone responsible for the performance of others

High level aims are to:
  • Discuss the benefits to the organisation and you in proactively managing performance.
  • Describe the key steps in Performance Management.
  • Identify and consider good systems.
  • Plan for a review.
  • Practice through simulation and feedback
Duration : 1 Day

How to conduct effective appraisals

Audience : This course will be of benefit to those responsible for undertaking appraisals

High level aims are to:
  • Consider the bigger picture – - what’s the purpose of the appraisal
  • Enhance your listening and questioning skills
  • Develop observation and feedback techniques
  • Undertake successful appraisal interviews
  • Create an environment in which the appraisee feels inspired, engaged and motivated toward the future
Duration : 1 Day

Building a high performance team

Audience : Managers and supervisors responsible for driving a high performance culture will find this session beneficial

High level aims are to:
  • Describe the team and individual conditions which enhance performance
  • Consider performance drivers from global research which increase individual performanc
  • Create a practical action plan to make improvements within your team
Duration : 1 Day

Managing remote teams

Audience : This programme will support supervisors or managers who are responsible for managing a remote workforce in the modern working environment

High level aims are to:
  • Understanding best practice and the practical subtleties of managing remote team
  • Considering the importance of personal efficiency
  • Establishing a best fit contact strategy
  • Maintaining team dynamic and energy

Duration : 1 Day

Personal effectiveness means making the most of all personal resources at our disposal – our personal talents, energy and time relative to what's most important to us. Good time management is a useful personal skill for everybody. As a leader it is critical. Your personal effectiveness and the effectiveness of your team are greatly affected by how well you use your time. If you cannot manage your own time you will have difficulties managing the other people that it takes to run the company. It is sometimes said that good time management is the single most important factor in managing oneself, one's work and the work of others.

Personal Effectiveness

Audience : This workshop will be of benefit to people at all levels who wish to improve their efficiency levels by becoming better at managing themselves

High level aims are to:
  • Discuss the personal and organisational benefits of improved efficiency
  • Improve your ability to plan and prioritise your own work
  • Discuss strategies to prevent deflection from your priorities
  • Gain practical skills in managing ‘time stealers’
  • Explore personal disciplines required to drive change
Duration : 1 Day

Driving Team Efficiency

Audience : Anyone responsible for improving the efficiency of a team will benefit from this workshop

High level aims are to:
  • Analyse their current allocation of time.
  • Prioritise key areas for action.
  • Consider simple project management steps.
  • Discuss and decide on effective systems
  • Consider the effect of delegation
  • Discuss the benefits to the organisation and you in proactively managing your time
Duration : 1 Day

When it comes to individuals making an impact, we think in terms of leaving something behind that wasn't there before; changing someone else's view, stimulating them, challenging or provoking them, inspiring or motivating them. Being technically good at your job isn’t enough today – strong people skills are also essential. You must be able to communicate, influence and motivate your colleagues and clients to enhance relationships and improve business results. Being able to connect with people and win their trust is vital. Personal impact training will increase your self-awareness and develop your interpersonal skills so you come across create a with positive impact, whatever the situation.

Achieving Self Motivations

Audience : This workshop will be of benefit to anyone wishing to understand the link between their own attitude and the ability to deliver high performance

High level aims are to:
  • Understand the power of goal setting and personal belief
  • Consider the impact of negative neutral behaviour
  • Create positive dialogue
  • Set a positive personal climate
Duration : 1 Day

Creating Your Personal Brand

Audience : This course is aimed at people who want to understand and enhance their personal impact

High level aims are to:
  • Understanding image and links to business success
  • Creating a memorable impression
  • Being interested not interesting
  • Do what you say
  • Looking in the mirror and building on your strengths
Duration : 1 Day

“to make easy . . .” At heart, facilitation is about the process of helping people to explore, learn and change; it is helping a group to accomplish its goals Great facilitators do three things very well. They understand exactly what their audience need; they develop sessions designed to address that need and they effectively deliver the event using approaches that motivate the audience to action. These programmes explore the keys skills required to revolutionise presenting styles. Each participant will significantly improve their own ability to actively engage audiences. Participants will learn just what it takes to make their own presentations, seminars, public consultations, group meetings and  stakeholder meetings practical, dynamic and interactive!

Design and Facilitation for New Trainers

Audience : This course will be of benefit to new trainers involved in the HR / people development community

High level aims are to:
  • Provide design capability which is transferable and tested
  • Upskill in facilitation and appropriate training methods in order to confidently deliver
  • Provide the opportunity for individual feedback to fine-tune facilitation skills
Duration : 4 Days

Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Audience : This course will be of benefit to leaders who wish to enhance their ability to engage and motivate an audience when making any type of presentation

High level aims are to:
  • Explore the different needs of course delegates
  • Describe the key areas and core practices of effective facilitation
  • Assess your facilitation skills
  • Develop increased proficiency in selected skills
  • Identify key challenges for a facilitator
  • Practice through simulation and feedback
Duration : 2 Days

Facilitation Skills for Trainers

Audience : This course will be of benefit to existing trainers who want to develop their skills and capability in a group environment

High level aims are to:
  • Establish current capability and experience
  • Distinguish the difference between training and facilitation
  • Develop increased proficiency in selected skills
  • Identify key challenges for a facilitator
  • Practice through simulation and feedback
Duration : 2 Days

Let's talk about...Presentation Skills

Audience : This course will provide more confidence to present, tips to engage your audience, knowledge that ‘less is more’ plus a stronger presentation style

High level aims are to:
  • Consider who is important when making a presentation
  • Design and use appropriate visual aids
  • Discuss techniques to win the attention and maintain the interest of both small and large audiences
  • Explore the key skills required to make presentations memorable
  • Practice for real and feedback
Duration : 2 Days

Delivering Great Training Sessions

Audience : This course will be of benefit to trainers to enhance their ability to engage and motivate an audience when delivering training interventions. An opportunity to make your training more dynamic High level aims are to:
  • Review your existing style and effectiveness
  • Challenge the way you operate
  • Design and deliver – raise your game
  • Receive individualised feedback
Duration : 1 Day

Advanced Facilitation Skills

Audience : This course will be of benefit to more experienced trainers who have some experience in facilitation and now want to take it to the next level

High level aims are to:
  • Establish current practice
  • Explore the range of and potential of other interventions
  • Dealing with more senior audiences
  • Develop skills in intervention techniques
  • Practice through simulation and feedback
Duration : 2 Days
We provide a range of offerings which are unique in their design and have proven to be successful with many clients. These offerings can be stand alone, or integrated into other modules dependant on the nature of your programme and specific business requirements. We will work with you to identify appropriate interventions which are suitable in helping to achieve your goals and ultimately helping people be the best that they can be.

Away Days

We engage with teams to help them improve performance. Typically working with the leader of the team, head of department or director, where appropriate, we will design an interactive event to provide an innovative and challenging opportunity themed around specific business outputs. Sessions will have agreed core elements, a mix of experiential activity and business debate, whilst retaining a strong emphasis on personal learning, contribution, responsibility and practical application. Interactive, stimulating, challenging and designed in collaboration with you on your specific objectives.

1:1 Coaching

An independent and confidential coach can often stimulate and challenge in such a way as to enable key people to improve their own performance and that of the business. At ‘Explore’, the Coach works with individuals to help identify and change any barriers which prevent personal and business achievement. We provide effective support, a fresh pair of eyes, broad experience and alternative views which support people in becoming the best that they can be. Coaching provides :-
  • Fast, discreet, sharing and transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Personal and career development
  • Objective feedback needed to nourish individual growth
  • The skills, knowledge and attitude to improve performance
  • An ongoing responsive, flexible and supportive relationship

Experiential Activities

A range of activities lasting between 15 mins and one day in duration. Experiential activities are designed to stimulate any level of participant to display a mix of competencies in a simulated environment. Activities are designed to reveal behaviours, the learning’s of which are then carefully translated into their business environment. Powerful, pragmatic, memorable and proven in delivering meaningful business and individual benefits.

Facilitated Team Sessions

You’re clear on what agenda items you want to cover and what you want to achieve from your session or meeting. In return, we act purely in a facilitative role to allow you the freedom to be involved in the session and observe the interactions and discussions within your team. Typically, we are engaged by managers or leaders of teams, specifically to act as a facilitator to an event or meeting which is in the final stages of design. We are happy to provide design suggestions and respond as a facilitator in either a neutral or pro-active status, dependent on your preference.

Team Talk ®

This powerful team development tool in a simple board game format has versions for new and established teams. It is a structured way of drawing on a team’s experience to:
  • Review past difficulties and successes
  • Consolidate successful elements of team working
  • Encourage clear communication about what teams members want from each other
  • Identify obstacles to more effective team working and to action plan to overcome them
  • Help the team to make choices about how they want to operate for the good of everyone and the good of the organisation.
TEAM TALK® can be offered as a one-day or half day event

Pyschometric Testing

We have a variety of tools to help people consider individual behaviours in the context of personal or team performance, allowing individuals to understand strengths and development areas. These easy-to-use tools will typically:
  • improve teamwork and communication
  • reduce interpersonal conflict with common language
  • identify areas you may wish to change
They can help people understand their behavioural styles better so they can work more effectively with others and can be used in training sessions or completed individually and combined with coaching intervention.